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Via Torino 2, 31021 Mogliano Treviso (TV), Italy
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Joanna’s Comments

Italian Dreams Inc. (IDI) is a full-service on-site DMC for Italy based near Venice. Run by two charming brothers, Filippo and Emanuele Curinga, the company can handle all aspects of your client’s tour of Italy. In addition to designing an exciting itinerary, they can arrange private tours of the Vatican and the Borghese Gallery in Rome, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace and the Guggenheim Museum in Venice. They can also arrange cooking courses, vineyard visits with a winemaker, tickets to events, weddings, honeymoons or the exclusive rental of a fully staffed private villa or yacht. The company owns its own fleet of Mercedes cars and vans, and drivers work exclusively for IDI. Special passes allow their vehicles, drivers and guides into the center of the major cities otherwise closed to traffic. Filippo and Emanuele are hands-on owners who handpick and train all their own drivers. In some cases one of the brothers will drive clients who make a special request for their services.The office staff is efficient and provides excellent itineraries and proposals.

IDI is an On-Site and Destination Specialist for Virtuoso, Signature and Ensemble.

Special Promotions

2 unique opportunities with IDI in florence

Fresco Making Workshop

Learn the art of true fresco with an art historian/professional fresco painter in his studio in the artisan’s section of Florence. Beginning with the brief but informative explanation of the art of “buon fresco” including the chemical nature of the ancient technique, mixing of colors and methods of painting, students will then make a small copy in fresco of a detail of one of the frescoes in Florence. Each participant will make their own preparatory cartoon used to paint the fresco, mix their own natural pigments for painting and execute the fresco using the same materials and methods as the great fresco painters of the Renaissance like Giotto, Masaccio and Michelangelo. All will walk away with a fresco copy of their own making (small enough to put in a carry-on) , preparatory cartoon and small informational fresco packet with terms and diagrams. No artistic experience is necessary and good results are almost guaranteed as all participants are guided during each step of the painting process.

The Fresco lesson may be adapted to experienced painters (more demanding copies i.e. Michelangelo), for beginners or for art lovers with no practical art background who simply want to experience the ancient technique of fresco painting. Also great for children who can copy the Medici coat-of-arms. Painting a fresco in Florence is a unique experience that puts you in contact with the rich artistic tradition of the Renaissance masters.

Highlights and Boat Tour on Arno River

The perfect family tour along the Arno river floating by the Uffizi, passing under the Ponte Vecchio with a new perspective, drift towards the Santa Trinita bridge and Carraia bridge. Our guide will tell amazing stories about the city and its architecture from a different and spectacular point of view, also unknown to visitors who have been to Florence before. The boat is steered manually by a Florentine ‘Renaiolo’ (boat captain), this means no engine noise. This wonderful experience on the river is also characterized by much less city noise. The boat tour lasts about an hour with our guide, who will then continue showing the city’s monuments from different perspectives and ending with a visit to Santa Croce church with the tombs of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo and Rossini.

Please reach out to IDI to obtain more information about the above as well as other opportunities.  These promotions are subject to availability and change without notice.

I.D.I. has become a Preferred Tour Operator and Patron for Vatican Museums

With access to the museums at 8am, one hour before the doors officially open, your clients will avoid the usual crowd and enjoy this experience in a more relaxed way. In addition, to their knowledgeable guides, guests of IDI will have access to the “Cabinet of the Masks”, a room inside the Vatican normally closed to the public which is named for its elaborate mosaic of masks that make up its floor. The Cabinet of the Masks is filled with elaborate stucco decorations, breathtaking paintings and statues (the magnificent “Three Graces” is displayed here), which comes from the magnificent Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli. Please reach out to IDI for availability and pricing information. This promotion is subject to availability and change.

Sample Itineraries

Italian Alps, the Dolomites and Venice. Click here to view sample itinerary.

Puglia and Amalfi. Click here to view sample itinerary.

General Information

Filippo Curinga

Ale Morellato

IDI Can Arrange:
• FITs
• Shore Excursions
• Meet-and-Greet
• Day Tours
• Hotel/Restaurant Bookings
• Reservations to Special Events
• Cars and Driver/Car Rental
• Guided Tours
• Shopping Tours
• Train Reservations
• Private Entry to Various Sites/Museums
• Wine/Olive Oil Tastings
• Cooking Courses
• Villa Rentals
• Weddings and Honeymoons
• Private Yacht Rentals
• Private Visits to the Ferrari and Lamborghini Factories

IDI is an on-site and destination specialist for Virtuoso, Signature and Ensemble.